Peony King's Day

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Root size: 2-3 eyes

Product Specification

A stunning herbaceous peony with large, fragrant, semi-double flowers in salmon pastel shade. Buds with textured petals flowers are surrounded by lush bright green foliage. Peony King's Day can bloom in your garden or field for many many years. This is a long-term investment in the beauty of your garden!

Root size: 2-3 eyes

Flowering time: early
Colour: pastel orange
Fragrance: yes, light fragrance
Sidebuds: no
Plant height: 85 – 90 cm
Group: Lactiflora
Country of registration and year: country unknown, 2019

Tips to grow:
Peony roots are best planted in late autumn. They will grow well in a range of soils, including clay, as long as it does not get waterlogged in winter and dry out in summer. Peonies are fully hardy so don’t require any winter protection.  Covering the plants for the winter will only be necessary in areas with severe frosts (below -30°C).
Choose a well-drained plot! Any flooding in the spring will cause rotting and death of the roots! When digging a hole in heavy clay soils, keep in mind that the soil will settle and roots may be flooded! Therefore, it is recommended to prepare the planting holes (size 40 * 40 * 40 cm) and fill them with compost or soil mixture 1.5-2 months before planting, in this case the soil will be compacted and settle down. You can also plant the roots in elevated beds if the groundwater is close to the surface, but keep in mind that in the summer the plants will require additional watering.
When planting, use compost and complex fertilizer, around 50-80 g per plant. 
The roots should be positioned so that the buds are not lower than 3-5 cm from the soil level.
Plants are fed 2-3 times per season with combined fertilizers. Nitrogen fertilizers should be excluded after flowering. It is recommended to cut the foliage in late autumn. You can also water the plants with a biofungicide solution to prevent fungal diseases. 
Flowers may appear during the first year, but it is recommended to remove them to allow the plant to “save sources”. The procedure for removing flower buds is repeated in the 2nd year of plant growth. The first flowers can be expected in the 3rd year. It is recommended to cut flowers leaving some foliage and still remove about 20% of the flower buds in years 3-4.

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