Dahlia Henriette

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IMPORTANT! Dahlias are shipped in March when outside temperatures are firmly above zero. Combined seed and dahlia tubers orders will be shipped together in March. If you wish your seed order to be delivered earlier, please order them separately.

Product Specification

Dahlia 'Henriette' is a stunning flower with bright salmon-pink blooms that fade to cream at the ends of their long petals. When the sunlight touches them, they sparkle and look absolutely dazzling.
Propagation/growing temperature

23-25 ⁰С


100-120 cm


50-60 cm

Dahlias in your Garden

Dahlias are a splendid addition to any garden, offering a burst of vibrant color palette and intricate petal patterns. They come in an array of colors, from the deepest reds to the most delicate pastels, creating a visually stunning palette that captivates the eye. The diversity of dahlia varieties ensures that there is a perfect bloom to complement any garden style, whether it be a vibrant and eclectic mix or a more subdued and harmonious color scheme.

Growing Experience

These resilient plants demand minimal effort, requiring only a sunny spot with well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. Dahlias can thrive with just a moderate amount of water, and their hardy tubers sprout into vibrant blooms with ease.

Unlike some finicky flowers, dahlias don't demand constant attention or intricate care routines. With their undemanding nature and the simplicity of their cultivation, growing dahlias becomes a joyful and rewarding experience, gracing your garden with a bounty of colorful blossoms without the fuss.

Make the most of our knowledge to avoid common gardening mistakes and successfully grow your dahlias. Explore our blog on "How to cultivate Dahlias" and feel free to reach out with any questions.

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