Celosia Bar Bossa (Champagne)

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Product Specification

We grow celosias for their textural blooms and broad color pallet.  The flower has a creamy green base that turns into a light peachy colored crest. This elegant play of colors reminds of vibrant champagne tones. Celosia is a summer garden workhorse and will hold up decorating it till fall.

Tips to Grow:

Celosia is a warm-loving plant and does not tolerate frost. It prefers well-drained, compost rich soils and regular watering. Low temperatures and less than 12 hours of light can cause premature flowering. Light is required for germination; cover lightly with vermiculite. Avoid disturbing roots, sow seeds in individual cell trays.

Numbers of seeds in package: 30 seeds

Average seed life: 4-5 years

Sow for Further Transplanting




Planting Depth

0,3 cm

Days to Germination


Germination Temperature

21-27 ⁰С

Life cycle



60-80 cm

Light Preference

full sun


25-30 cm

Starting from Seeds

The journey of cultivating seeds offers numerous rewards. It provides an early start to the season, grants access to a plenty of unique varieties not commonly available at local nurseries, and efficiently fills your cutting garden at a budget-friendly cost.

Growing Experience

Cultivating plants from seeds is not just a horticultural task- it’s a journey of growth and discovery. As you embark on this journey, each stage of the process becomes a fulfilling experience.

From the delicate germination of the seeds to the sturdy emergence of seedlings, and finally, the flourishing of mature plants, you become an active participant in the miraculous cycle of life.

Make the most of our knowledge to avoid common gardening mistakes and successfully grow your dahlias. Explore our blog on "How to start from Seeds" and feel free to reach out with any questions.

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